InTact product range launched.

Redditch Medical undertook a programme of development over a year ago to formulate test and qualify the InTact range of GMP detergent cleaning systems.

InTact is designed exclusively for use in highly regulated GMP industry applications of clean-in-place (CIP) and Clean-out-of-Place (COP). The InTact range is a unique low foaming, low residue, concentrated detergent formulation based on the latest generation of low toxicity, biodegradable surfactants and chelants.

InTact products are further supported via:

  • Pre-qualified analytical test methods are available – TOC and ICP-MS
  • A detailed toxicology & formulation profile – releasable to end-users
  • The InTact Optimisation service – A laboratory-based service in which stainless steel or glass coupons representing an end-users actual drug & excipient soiling are tested in our laboratory to determine which cleaning agent should be used and at what concentration, time & temperature whilst mimicking cleaning process conditions Three versions on InTact exist:
  • InTact Acid – based on Phosphoric acid, surfactants and sequestrant
  • InTact Alkaline – based on Potassium hydroxide, surfactants and sequestrant
  • InTact Neutral Booster – based on non-ionic surfactants and sequestrant