Technical Data Sheet


Sterile Sporicidal Preparation of Hypochlorous Acid (HC10 OCI- + H+) Low odour, safe handling, low residue and fully effective

Use Instructions

InSpec™ HA is designed for spraying, wiping and mopping applications. Hold spray approximately 15cm to 20cm from area to be treated. 5L versions, pour into an appropriate container for mopping.

Technical Data

Appearance: Colourless aqueous solution with a characteristic mild chlorine odour. pH 6.5 to 7.5.

Storage & Safe Handling

Store upright in original closed containers, away from sunlight and extremes of temperature. Full guidance on the handling and disposal of this product is available in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).


See summary table in Section 1 of this brochure.

Material Compatibility

Application of solutions, when used as directed, will not affect materials normally encountered in the cleanroom. See compatibility information in the Technical Dossier.


  • One of the safest and fully effective sporicides. All formats are non hazardous
  • Very low residue, corrosion and odour
  • Stabilised solution - 12 months shelf life
  • 3 months validated 'in-use' shelf life Contents protected using 'bag-inbottle' presentation with premium range.
  • 1L and 5L formats available as Ready to Use
  • Multiple bags for cleanroom transfer
  • Ideal rotational partner for InSpec QT and AN
  • Manufactured in accordance with GMP

Technical User Information

InSpec™ HA is a ste sterile sporicide available ready to use.

InSpec™ HA is manufactured to GMP in an ISO 6 cleanroom. The product is filled and capped in an ISO class 5 environment.

The solution is filtered through a 0.2 micron filter and aseptically filled into pre-gamma irradiated packaging (25-45kGy) and tested to give a sterility assurance level SAL of 10-6.

InSpec™ HA is supplied with Certificates of Conformity, Analysis, Irradiation and Sterility.

All formats of HA have a stabilised 12 month shelf life.

For screw cap bottles use the entire contents after opening.

Summary of InSpec Biocide Qualification


United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) General Chapter 1072 "Disinfectants and Antiseptics"13.

This chapter stipulates that a 3 log reduction in the viable microbial count should be demonstrated for bacteria.