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InSpec Production Line Investment

We are pleased to announce our recent delivery of a bespoke automated production line. This development, combined with the existing production lines, expands manufacturing capability and capacity, providing increasingly reliable and consistent delivery for our customers and their dependent manufacturing units.

Our experienced team have optimised this investment opportunity incorporating three dedicated manufacturing cells within an ISO 6 environment. Our three production lines have been designed with capacity in mind, future proofing production of InSpec for the growing demand.

  • The high-speed line consists of conveyor fed production, automated filling within an ISO 5 cell, automated cap tightening, semi-automated production packing.
  • The second line allows for smaller and shorter ISO 5 production volumes where we can undertake dedicated production runs for specific customer trends.
  • Finally, the third line is dedicated to wipe preparation. The burstable pouch is so popular amongst our customers that we provide a dedicated manufacturing cell.

Whilst stock availably is critical for our customers, innovation is at the heart of Redditch Medical. These new production lines lend themselves to product development ensuring InSpec remains at the forefront of disinfection contamination control.