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InSpec Exhibits at Pharmig Microbiology Conference

PHARMIG (Pharmaceutical Microbiology Interest Group) is a non-profit making professional organisation that represents the interests of individuals who work in, have responsibility for, or work alongside microbiology within Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cosmetics & NHS Industries. Redditch Medical recently exhibited at the 22nd Annual Pharmig Conference


The 22nd Annual Pharmig Conference was probably the busiest Pharmig ever. It’s a good job that we at Redditch Medical were sharing space with our new distributor for UK NHS Pharmacies, AMD (Aseptic Medical Devices). We had an excellent time at the conference, and enjoyed talking to customers about the exciting future of the industry as a whole, and the advancement of Redditch Medical as a business. The team at Redditch Medical also took this opportunity to officially extend a warm welcome to AMD, who will supplying our InSpec range of sterile disinfectants and wipes as well as their own brand of sterile syringes. 

The Redditch Medical team found the conference to be both informative and up to date with industry concerns. One of the big current concerns was sporicides. End users seem to be having difficulty validating some sporicidal products, largely because of the very long contact times needed to achieve adequate removal of spores. As both producers and end users of sporicides ourselves, we were able to share some industry wisdom and knowhow with the group.


Our InSpec OX powerful sporicidal formulation is fully validated. One of the reasons that OX is able to be validated is its unusually fast-acting contact time. InSpec OX takes just 5seconds to work, meaning it is one of the fastest acting sporicides currently on the market. Our stall's visitors agreed that this was impressive for a potent sporicide.




The New UK regulatory advice stating that NHS pharmacy manufacturing units will now have to use a three stage decontamination process for raw materials was a hot topic at the Pharmig conference. As opposed to a two stage alcohol only procedure. The new regime suggests


a)      Wipe with a sporicide


b)      Dry wipe


c)       Wipe with 70% alcohol


As such our InSpec dry wipes, InSpec HA sporicidal burst pouches and InSpec DE alcohol pre-impregnated pouch wipes were of great interest. The emphasis seems to be shifting to measures which prevent spores entering the cleanroom environment rather than removing them if detected inside rooms. Its widely known that alcohol is not sporicidal so it is no surprise to see sporicides being used as a preventative measure.


If used for decontaminating consumables prior to transfer into the cleanroom sporicides will have to be safer to use, rapid acting, low corrosion and less toxic –  designed for the tasks InSpec HA our new hypochlorous acid based sporicide meets all those criteria. InSpec HA is one of the safest-handling sporicides currently on the market. Leaving little residue, it addresses a lot of the everyday sporicidal issues that the microbiological community seem to face. Available in both sterile trigger sprays and burstable pouch wipes, InSpec HA certainly seems to be amongst the most user-friendly sporicides on the market. 

We at Redditch Medical have similarly aligned goals to those of other Pharmig visitors- advancing the science of microbiology and its practical application. We very much enjoyed talking to those who visited us at Pharmig about the exciting future that microbiology holds.