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InSpec Burst Pouch Wipes Cater for the Increasing Demand for Innovation in Cleaning Materials

Hilary Ayshford is a Managing Editor for the reputable pharmaceutical magazines, Cleanroom Technology and Manufacturing Chemist Pharma. She features InSpec's Burstable Pouch biocidal and sporicidal wipes as a focus point in her summary of the major developments in the cleanroom industry in the past year. 

  InSpec's Burstable Pouch Sporicidal and Biocidal Wipes have been gaining more and more attention worldwide over the last few months. The patented frangible layer separating the fully validated chemical solution and the mop/ wipe material, allowing for activation at the point of use has turned many heads, including that of Hilary Ayshford. In her review titled "Infection Concerns Fuel Demand For Cleaning Systems and Materials", Hilary highlights the increasing global need for powerful disinfectants and cleaning agents. She cites concerning outbreaks of Ebola and MRSA as reason for this need.  

  The Cleanroom Technology review continues to discuss the most promising developments fighting hospital aquired infections on the front line. InSpec's Burstable Pouch Technology was praised for the innovation of retaining sporicidal efficacy in the format of a wipe. The ease of the InSpec Burstable Pouch's use in a busy cleanroom environment has been a point of attraction for many contamination controllers. This combined with the proven efficacy of the InSpec sporicidal and biocidal solutions makes this InSpec's Burstable Pouch Technology incredibly effective in controlling contamination in cleanroom and lab environments. 


An extract of the article is available above, subscribers of Cleanroom Technology can read the full article in the January issue pp 60-61. 

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