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The benefits of using burstable pouches

A complete range of sterile sporicidal, biocidal and detergent wipes in a session wipe. Pouch compartments maintain wipe and product efficacy for full shelf life.

Key features

  • The chemical is the same as in the spray and 5L bottles, so once validated it can be scaled up for annual cleans or to return controls to out of control environments
  • The product is a Dry wipe and the solution – it is powder free and there is no blending of liquids.
The benefits 
  • HA (Hypochlorous Acid) suitable for the aseptic transfer process.
  • Fully validated formulations
  • In-use shelf life of 10 hours
  • Session wipe format minimises waste
  • Any combination of AN, QT, OX and HA are ideal rotational partners
  • Manufactured to GMP in an ISO 6 cleanroom. The product is filled and capped in an ISO class 5 environment.
  • Sterile wipes until the point of use.
  • Multiple bags for cleanroom transfer
  • Manufactured to GMP
  • The solution is filtered through a 0.2 micron filter and aseptically filled into pre-gamma irradiated packaging (25-45kGy) and tested to give a sterility assurance level SAL of 10-6.

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