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Alcohol Disinfectants for Aseptic Transfer


The InSpec range of alcohols are used widely in the medical industry for rapid aseptic transfer, both by spray and wipe in to critical areas. Leaving little residue, InSpec alcohol disinfectants are perfect for disinfecting hospital equipment and tools. As the alcohols are blended with Water For Injection (WFI) quality water, the excellent quality of the disinfectants conform to industry standards. 

InSpec IPA is a 70% v/v Isopropyl Alcohol Disinfectant. IPA wipes are powerful and easy to use, with the resealable lids of the tub wipes extending shelf life.

InSpec DE is a 70% Denatured Ethanol Alcohol Disinfectant. InSpec DE sprays are suitable for application to gloved hands, hard surfaces and other cleanroom equipment.  

These products are supplied sterile, double bagged, gamma irradiated and provided with certificates of analysis, irradiation, sterility and endotoxin level.  

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