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A Safe-Handling Sporicide Designed For Cleanroom Spray-Ins

InSpec HA is fully effective at eliminating sporeformers, whilst leaving very low residue and emitting very little odour in comparison to other sporicides on the market. Designed by experienced consumers of cleanroom products, HA is perfect for a thorough cleanroom spray-in. HA is the first known sporicidal to be designed for this purpose, and is available in InSpec's unique burstable pouch wipe format.   

Whether spraying or wiping in, you can have complete confidence in the efficacy of the sporicide, as InSpec HA is a fully validated solution, and is bactericidal, fungicidal and sporicidal in nature according to EN1276, EN1650, EN13697, EN13704. InSpec HA is designed for cleanroom and pharmaceutical industry use. When used as directed, HA will not affect or damage any materials associated as cleanroom materials or equiptment. All formats of InSpec HA available are non-hazardous.


InSpec HA is a perfect sporicidal cleanroom rotational partner for InSpec AN and InSpec QT.