InSpecTM Product Range

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InSpecTM is a range of water and alcohol based rotational disinfectants designed to meet current rules and guidelines from pharmaceutical regulators.

InSpec Burstable Pouch Wipes


Sterile rotational session cleanroom wipes

A flexible and convenient system has been developed that impregnates wipes and mop covers with sporicides and other biocides on the day they are needed, maintaining biocidal performance.

The InSpec mop or wipe formats and sporicidal agents can now be combined in a two-part pouch; one side for the dry wipes, the other for the sporicide solution. After activation (i.e. when the solution wets the fabric) sporicidal efficacy is retained. Thus the end user has all the convenience of impregnated mops and wipes together with the power of the most potent sporicides/biocides – all in a reliable and easy to use sterile burst pouch system

The burstable wipes are available with a choice of 4 sterile actives:

- OX one of the most effective sporicides available

- HA a sporicide with low odour and low residue

- QT a rapid and broad spectrum QUAT biocide

- AN a rapid and broad spectrum diamine biocide

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Technical Specifications

A full technical file providing product efficacy, shelf life studies, microbial data and sterilisation validation data is available on request to those customers requiring this level of detail.

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Multiple bagged:

All products will be multiple bagged to allow smooth transfer into the cleanroom minimising the risk of contamination being carried into your Cleanroom. 

Exceptional Water Quality:

Our Contamination Control Products are built around an exceptional water quality system, fully validated and generating WFI quality water for blending on demand and piped directly into our Class 6 Cleanroom.

Full Traceability:

We formulate and source our products from a variety of leading suppliers in Europe. Our alcohols come from leading UK suppliers, offering full traceability.

Speed up Quality Acceptance Procedures:

All batches of product will be supplied with appropriate certificates of analysis, irradiation, sterility and endotoxin speeding up quality acceptance procedures. 

Defined using Pharmaceutical Specified Methods:

Critical parameters such as shelf life and in-use shelf life are defined and determined using pharmaceutically specified methods.

Registered under the BPD:

All of our biocides are registered under the BPD (Biocidal Products Directive) thus the validation effort will not be in vain. Products validated today will be available for many years to come.