InSpec Product Range

Redditch Medical has designed a range of sterile disinfectants putting you on the right path to ensure your Cleanroom starts and remains In-Specification.

InSpec provide a complete cleanroom contamination control solution. As well as rotational disinfectants and sporicides, InSpec provide reliable and powerful sterile alcohol cleaning solutions. Products are available in a variety of diluted formats and concentrates.

InSpec IPA

InSpec IPA >

The cleanroom disinfectant workhorse in a fully validated format.

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InSpec DE

InSpec DE >

Popular cleanroom disinfectant. Ethanol safely denatured with 5% IPA.

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InSpec QT

InSpec QT >

High performing broad spectrum disinfectant for hard surfaces.

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InSpec AN

InSpec AN >

New hard surface rotational disinfectant.

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InSpec HA

InSpec HA >

A safe handling, low odour, fully effective sterile sporicide.

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InSpec OX

InSpec OX >

One of the most powerful sporicides available for hard surfaces.

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InSpec Burst Pouch Wipes

InSpec Burst Pouch Wipes >

A powerful and convenient cleanroom solution.

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InSpec N10

InSpec N10 >

Approved alkaline detergent and hard surface cleaner.

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Cleanroom Contamination Control

Cleanrooms are designed to control viable and non-viable contamination to a defined specification. These specifications are not met without human intervention. Ensuring adequate particulate and microbiological control requires discipline. Staff must be highly trained to carry out validated procedures as defined in SOP’s, the environment must be monitored to ensure compliance and corrective action must be taken to bring the cleanroom under control if set limits drift out of specification. 

Daily cleaning and disinfection is part of the normal regime within Biopharmaceutical Cleanrooms, to help to maintain particulate levels. Correct disinfectant selection, correct application and on-going monitoring is vital to maintain the status quo.

InSpec: Premium Product Range

InSpec is a range of water and alcohol based rotational disinfectants, manufactured to GMP under an ISO quality system, designed to meet current rules and guidelines from pharmaceutical regulators. Critical requirements sought by pharmaceutical manufacturers when selecting disinfectants to take into the cleanroom are met.

Why use InSpec? 

Whether your requirement is for a hospital, aseptic manufacturing facility or pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, we understand that rapid and flexible processes demand exacting products. Our solutions are designed by experience, with the end user in mind. Always.




We have excellent facilities including an ISO 5 Localised Air Shower, ISO 6 and ISO 7 Cleanrooms and a ISO 9 Control Room that can be used for both sterile and non-sterile devices.

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We are a division of Entaco that provides high quality contract packing services for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

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